Johan Entchev

- reviewers choice, (selected by: Julie Grahame).
- Snappedaway 
- F-STOP Magazine, B&W issue #69, February 2015.
- Feature shoot. 
- F-STOP Magazine, The Natural World #64, April 2014. 
- F-STOP Magazine, B&W issue #62, December 2013.
- Strongbox Magazine, Winter issue 2013.
- reviewers choice, (selected by: Marvi Lacar).

Group Exhibitions:

- Black & White, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens Greece.

- Unexpected, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (Juror: Zsolt Batori).

- Water, Elemental and Fundamental, PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont, Middlebury 
(Juror: Laura Moya, Director of Photolucida). On-line Annex Gallery.
- Stories,(PH21 Gallery), Werk Academy, Budapest,Hungary (Juror: Zsolt Batori). 

- Alternative Lives (Life Framer), Menier Gallery, London UK.

- Center Forward 2014, International Center of Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO (Juror: Hamidad Glascow).

- Shadow and Light, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR (Juror: Julia Dolan).

- Inside out, PH21 Gallery (honorable mention), Budapest, Hungary (Juror: Zsolt Batori).

- Black and White, PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont (Juror: Karen E. Haas, Lane Curator of Photographs, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).
- Illumine, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, Vermont (Juror: Robert Hirsch).
- Portraiture: Through the Lens, Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR (Juror: Annick
Sjobakken). On-Line Annex Gallery.